Programs & Services

All of our services are free of charge and are available to anyone living within the 12 municipalities in the Niagara Region. Please be advised there may be times when we are out of the office due to client appointments, meetings, seminars and conferences within and out of the Region. It is best to book an appointment with us by calling 289-296-3460.

Epilepsy Niagara provides non-medical support services; we do not have physicians on staff, do not give medical advice, nor do we presribe any sort of medication. Our services and programs are for anyone of any age, race, religion, creed, or sexuality.

Our organization is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and safe environment free of workplace violence, domestic violence and workplace harassment in any form. We hold firm a very strict zero tolerance policy for this, which is why we ask participants to sign anti-violece agreements for each program. It is important for our staff, volunteers, clients, participants and hosts to feel safe and free of threat of physical, mental or emotional harm. If this is violated, the offender will be removed from the agency and/or program and will not be able to participate in the future.

Support Services

Support services include:

  • counselling (individual and family)
  • neurologist appointment attendance (upon request – please give adequate notice)
  • doctor appointment preparation
  • Peer Connections
  • Support & Social Groups (Adult)
  • NEW! Youth Epilepsy Ambassador Program – now taking applicants
  • Children’s Programming
  • Peer Mentorship

Education Services

  • School presentations (classroom, general assemblies)
  • Teacher presentations (after school presentations and training)
  • Community presentations (overview, how to recognize a seizure, seizure first aid)
  • Employer presentations (overview, how to recognize a seizure, seizure first aid)
  • Seizure first aid training


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us.