Veni Vidi Vici

Veni. Vidi. Vici. (I came. I saw. I conquered.)

This is a fun purple toga-themed event to celebrate Purple Day, a legally recognized awareness day in Canada. The name of the event was designed to create a powerful message of strength, tenacity and courage while dismantling and breaking down stigmas associated with epilepsy.

2018 – March 23rd at Taps on Queen.

The date has been set and planning is underway!

We are happy to announce one of the first prizes we have acquired is…

Yes! A Super Nintendo Classic Edition! As we acquire sponsors and donors, they will be advertised here as well as on our Facebook Veni Vidi Vici event page. Please like, share and invite friends to the event page; there is already a great deal of excitement for VVV within the office, our board of directors, clients and friends and family. We had a great attendance last year and we are looking to grow  and exceed in 2018! Please join us to make this a grand success!



2017 – March 24th at Taps on Queen

We had such a great time! A very special thank you goes out to those who came out to support our organization, the incredible performers and to those who came out to Taps for a great time! We had an incredible raffle, with the prize of the night being a Classic Nintendo NES system! We had some fun games, with the hit of the night being ‘Prize Pong’,  awesome door prizes, and a purple toga contest.

Taps on Queen dedicated a drink of the night, Purple Rain, to celebrate epilepsy awareness

To Taps on Queen, thank you so much for hosting this event, your unconditional support and hard work! Eric Martin, thank you! This couldn’t have been done without you and your hardworking staff!

To our sponsors: Primeau Dental, Eisai, Tina Mangiacasale, Cotton Inc., and Golden Horseshoe Marketing… We are so grateful for your support for our organization and for this event.

To our performers: Miss Ashlee, Cory Cruise, The KaC HimselF, Eklectik, and Battered Egos… Thank you! Thank you for performing and all of your support for our organization! Each and every one of you was integral to this success!

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