Inclement Weather

It’s that time of year again where the weather can make traveling difficult and unsafe.  If schools or buses are cancelled, then our office will be closed as well, and re-open following the storm or when roads are safe.

Welcome to Epilepsy Niagara!

We are a small but dedicated non-profit organization serving the entire Niagara Region. We provide free non-medical support services to individuals, families, schools, businesses and organizations seeking information, support and seizure first aid training.

As stated, we are a small organization serving a large region, and we are often out in the community for client intakes and services (many have isolation challenges, fears of leaving the home, or they do not have reliable access to transportation and require EN to come to them), education programs, workshops and more.  If you have been having difficulty reaching staff or accessing services, please call or text 289-929-5811. You are valuable to us and we want to help.

We are experiencing a high volume of service requests and have one staff member available to assist individuals. Epilepsy Niagara is committed to servicing as many individuals as we can.  If you’re having difficulty connecting with the agency, please call the cell phone number listed above or email info@epilepsyniagara.org.

Thank you for your patience.

New Youth Program

Yes, a new ambassador program has been officially launched and we are looking for driven, inspiring and motivated youth to join the ambassador team! Click here to learn more.

NEW!  Life Saving Swim Safety Cap

Chelsea and Sierra Spence are two St Catharine’s residents who have raised awareness and visibility of swimmers with medical conditions that lifeguards need to be aware of. Sierra – has grown up with epilepsy but always had a passion for the water and swimming. She did not let this neurological disorder define her and has swam competitively for the majority of her life. Her family recognized that she would need to be easy to distinguish in a crowd and so they often had her swim with bright coloured caps in case of emergency.

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After having three seizures in the pool, that went unrecognized by lifeguards she and her sister developed the Swim Safely Cap. As a lifeguard, Chelsea provided insight in the design of the swim cap in order to be highly visible and recognizable in the pool.

Their goal was for all lifeguards to easily recognize the red cross symbol and the swimmer with potential risk. Together, Chelsea and Sierra hope that the Swim Safely Cap will be widespread in its adoption so that swimmers in pools across Canada will remain safe.

They are selling the swim safely caps at Brock University and the Niagara Children’s Centre or from their website swimsafely.org. At a cost of $10 they hope to just cover their cost, they want to make the swim safely cap as affordable as possible so that they become commonly used.

New Survey – Participants needed!

The Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI) epilepsy research program (EpLink) is looking to better understand the questions Canadians have about epilepsy and seizures. These questions could be about causes or diagnosis, treatment, managing day-to-day life or managing co-existing conditions related to epilepsy.

Co-existing conditions related to epilepsy include:

  • Rett Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Tuberous Sclerosis
  • Depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders

If you have epilepsy or experience seizures, or if you care for or work with someone who does, we want your help in setting the priorities for epilepsy research.  Your answers to this survey will help researchers and research funding organizations better identify what is important to people living with epilepsy and/or seizures and incorporate their priorities when planning future projects.

This priority setting process follows the methods of the James Lind Alliance (UK) and is being funded by OBI. It is led by a steering committee that includes patient advocates, patient advocacy group representatives, clinicians, and healthcare professionals working with persons who have epilepsy and/or seizures.

This is an opportunity for you to lend your expertise from your own personal/professional experience, and have your say in setting epilepsy research priorities.

Please complete this short questionnaire at: http://www.braininstitute.ca/epilepsy-psp

This survey is open from October 2019 to January 2020 – contribute and have your voice heard today!

Congratulations to Osler Scholarship Winner from Niagara!

Way to go Sierra Spence! We are so proud of you! You are such an inspiring young woman and we’re happy to have you and your family as a part of Epilepsy Niagara!  Congratulations on being in the St Catharines Standard regarding your exciting venture! Click here to read the article.

It’s Back to School Time!

If you are in need of an epilepsy presentation for your school, classroom or faculty, look no further! We provide FREE presentations within the entire Niagara Region. To book or learn more about them, email Kristin today at info@epilepsyniagara.org

Delta Bingo & Gaming

For many years, Delta Bingo & Gaming (Niagara Falls) has been a supporter of many charities in Niagara Falls, including EN. We would like to thank this wonderful organization for their support and financial contributions over the years. Proceeds are used to support our programs in the communities across the Region.

You can locate them at:

L2E 6C8
(905) 356-8109

This would also not be possible without the support of our valued volunteers, who work to provide excellent customer service during our community sessions!


To make an appointment or learn more about our programs, please call 289-296-3460 or contact info@epilepsyniagara.org

To book an information or seizure first aid training session, please contact Kristin Welton education@epilepsyniagara.org

For all other inquiries, please contact Kristin Welton execdirector@epilepsyniagara.org


Monday to Thursday – 9:00 to 2:30pm

We are closed Fridays, weekends and holidays. There may be times when our office is closed during regular hours due to out of office meetings, presentations and client appointments.