Volunteer Opportunities

EN offers various volunteer positions within the agency.  We create tailored volunteer positions to suit your needs.  Don’t have a lot of time to volunteer?  That’s okay!  We offer both short and long-term opportunities.

Available Positions

  • Events committee director
  • Newsletter correspondance
  • Podcast Director
  • Office administration
  • Events
  • Education presentations
  • Purple Day Ambassadors
  • Bingo volunteers
  • Board of Directors
  • Program facilitation

Student Opportunities

We understand that it’s difficult to accumulate hours in order to graduate high school, and some college courses!  EN offers various ways to volunteer at the pace that you’re looking for!

Education and Awareness

This is key to dispelling the many myths and misunderstandings surrounding epilepsy!  Become an ambassador for epilepsy today!  Volunteer to become an education assistant to the Executive Director and join us as we present to schools and businesses!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more, or to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!