Delta Bingo – Niagara Falls


Delta Bingo & Gaming is extremely proud to support each community it’s apart of.  With dedication to over 950 local charities, the Delta Group of Bingo & Gaming centres have raised over $133 Million dollars.

DID YOU KNOW?  The funds raised from charitable gaming goes back to each of the communities that the centres are apart of. These funds help with a variety of key initiatives from equipment for hospitals, support to local animal shelters to supporting local sports groups for children and so much more.

Thank you for playing at Delta Bingo & Gaming and supporting your local charities.

We have been receiving funds from Delta Bingo Niagara Falls for many, many years and we have been using these funds to support our organization in providing services to our clients. We are very grateful for all of the support given to us! Thank you Delta Bingo Niagara Falls!!